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The Heavy Weather Regatta

Hi Everybody,

I mentioned in my post The Starting Line Of Summer , I was going to do the Heavy Weather Regatta at the St. Francis Yacht Club. It was last weekend. Before the regatta started, the St. Francis hosted a clinic for sailors who wanted to learn about the race area before the regatta. On the first day of the clinic, Wednesday, we learned about how the currents work at the city front. In the afternoon we saw the same AC 45 that I had been on (if you would like to learn more read June Update). However, they were not using the regular Oracle sail, they were using the Youth America’s Cup sail with the wing extension. Wednesday was also the day Laird Hamilton, a surfer, went out on Oracle racing‘s AC45. The next day, was the second day of the clinic and we did not see any ACs that day. We spent most of our time learning about the tricky and unintuitive currents of the bay. When we were out sailing, we did practice races and many different drills. The coach of our clinic was Mike Kalin. He used t0 be the StFYC opti coach but he moved on to being one of the US olympic laser team coaches. It was really great having him as my coach for those two days. Friday, the first day of the regatta. We launched our boats at 11:30 and sailed to the race course. The first race started at 12:00. We did four races on Friday. I do not feel like I raced my level on any of the first three races, but on the fourth race, I got 17th, a very satisfiying position. On the second day, I did better than the first. We had four races, and on the third race I got 15th out of 36. On the last day of the regatta, Sunday, I did really well! I did great in all three of my races, the best of them was a 13th. Here are the results: Heavy Weather Results. Even through I didn’t have the best start, I came back with a strong finish and really enjoyed the regatta. It is really hard to sail for five days at city front, but I am lucky to have the opportunity to sail there and it was great. Here are some pictures that I dad took of me on the water.

My next post will be about our trip to France. So far we have had a lot of fun. I can’t tell you too much, because that is not what this post is about. I can’t wait to update you soon. Oh, and by the way, tomorrow is my fourteenth birthday!


June Update

Hi everybody,

Last Friday I went down to Oracle Racing’s base in San Francisco. I had been invited to see the base and watch them sail. I ended up going out on an AC45! What a fantastic surprise for me. After I put on sailing gear, I was taken out to the AC45 on a chase boat. When I got on the boat I sat next to Jimmy Spithill, a sailing legend and Oracle Racing’s skipper for the 33rd and the 34th America’s Cup. After some instruction, Jimmy handed me the tiller extension and let me steer. It was AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it. I drove the AC45 for about 45 minutes. When I was steering the boat, it got up to 20 knots. When I got back on the chase boat the AC45 got up to 34 knots, the max speed for the day. After a long time on the chase boat I was able to get on the AC45 again. I rode the AC45 downwind back to the base. Even though I got soaked, I had the time of my life. I can see why theses sailors were chosen for Oracle Racing’s America’s Cup team, they are the best in the world and all very kind. When I was inside the base, I saw Russell Coutts, another sailing legend who has won the America’s Cup many times. I talked to him for a little while, another amazing part of the day. I was also able to talk to Jimmy again, it was such a great day! My dad and I left the base and headed to the St. Francis Yacht Club to see Russell speak. His speech was very interesting and inspiring. My new sailing goal is to get to the America’s Cup, thanks to the Youth America’s Cup program I will have an opportunity. Friday was the most amazing sailing experience I have ever had. Go Oracle Racing! Here are some pictures from the day:

Above is Jimmy teaching me how to steer an AC45

Above and below is me sailing the AC45 upwind Below is a picture of me coming in on the AC45

Obviously, I am very excited and interested in the America’s Cup. The America’s Cup will take place on the San Francisco Bay in the summer of 2013. Currently, there are races called the America’s Cup World Series in different cities all over the world. The AC World Series boats are the AC45s, a 45 foot long catamaran that is the smaller version of the AC72s. The AC72s will be sailed in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup Finals in 2013. The America’s Cup World Series is currently being set up in Newport, Rhode Island. The Newport World Series starts on June 26th and will end on July 1st, the day before my birthday. If you would like to learn more, here is a link to the America’s Cup website: America’s Cup

In Opti news, last weekend I had the BAYS #2 regatta at the Richmond Yacht Club. When my dad and I got to RYC we went over to the opti trailer to look for my boat, it wasn’t there! We had to borrow a car to go get my boat from the San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere. It’s a half an hour each way plus time to load up my boat, I wasn’t sure my dad would get back in time for the race. Luckily, the race was postponed from 11:00 to 11:30. Even though my dad was a little late, the postponement gave us time to get the boat set up. The wind was still flat and the race kept getting postponed, at around 12:45 everybody just started heading out of the harbor. At 1:13 PM the postponement flag was taken down to end the 2 hour and 13 minute postponement. We completed three races on Saturday. I didn’t do very well in those three races, I don’t why. On Sunday, we started the races right on time. The wind was heavier on Sunday than on Saturday, I think I am a stronger sailor in heavier winds. Also, on the second day, I was committed to having better races. I definitely had stronger races on Sunday than Saturday, but I still think I could have done better. I had three sixths and two eighths. I am not able to include a link to the results because they have not been posted on their website yet.

More Opti news soon, today I am starting the Heavy Weather Clinic at the StFYC. I will update you again after the clinic and regatta this weekend. My summer is off to an amazing start!


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