Hi Everybody,
I hope you enjoyed my last post. This post will be similar to the last, except I have decided that this post will be shorter. To start this post, I will be combining both the days that my family was in normandy into one section and the days in paris together as well. While we were in Normandy, we drove to the beach to see a 360˚ video that was put together from modern color footage that is combined with old d-day footage. It was really cool because the movie was covering a 360˚ area. At different parts of the movie I found myself getting carsick, after the movie I found out that everybody else did as well. Another thing that we did to learn about d-day was having a private guide show us around different areas. We learned a lot about d-day and when we returned to our hotel there was a medieval festival. We did not explore the festive very thoroughly but what we saw was interesting. That was the end of our time in Normandy. Here are some pictures of Normandy:

Bombed gun position


After my family left Normandy we went to Paris. Our plan was that my dad and I would leave two weeks before my mom and sister were to leave, I am currently on my way home with my dad while my sister and mom are still in France. In Paris, we did a lot of tourist things. The most touristy things that we did were to go to Versailles and the Eiffel tower. When we went to the Eiffel tower the top was closed. We don’t know exactly why but  think that it was related to the bad weather. Even though we were not allowed to go all the way up the view was still cool. We also visited Versailles,  the old French palace. When we got there we discovered and hour and a half long line. Inside was amazing but really crowded. I found myself getting hungry. We went outside for lunch. The garden was much better because there were not as many people in each square foot. Before we left we rented bikes and cruised around the gardens. In Paris we also went to the Louvre. We only saw about half of the museum including the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was much smaller than I expected and I was not able to get up close because there were too many people. Here are some pictures of Paris:

Eiffel Tower

View from our apartment

I have had a great time in France, but like the end of every trip I look forward to the familiarities of home.