Hi Everybody,

As I might have mentioned I went to the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta in Florida on Christmast day. There were three different classes of boats sailing; Optimistis, Lasers, and 420s with a total of 533 kids. There were kids  from 22 different countries and 23 different states. In the class of boat I was sailing, the Opti (Optimist), there were 246 sailors. While I was there I saw other kids capsize, fall out of their boats, or both. It was really cool to be around so many different types of sailors.

Something thing that I thought was interesting about the venue is that the wind shifted about 90 degrees to the right every day. Here was the forecast on a scale of 0 = no wind and 2 = highest amount of wind. First day=2, Second day=1, Third day=0, Fourth day=2. On the third day of the regatta there was 0.0000000000000001 miles per hour of wind for an hour of the day, the rest of the day there was 0 miles per hour of wind. Even though there was no wind that day, the race committee still made us sit on the water for two hours while we did absolutely nothing in our wet suites and ski like sailing gear. Thankfully, we were able to get 2 races in on the final day.

At the Coral Reef Yacht Club the dock was incredibly crowded and was always difficult to get the boats in and out of the water because of the distance between the dock and water. It was also difficult to launch the boats because there were 206 boats that needed to get on or off the water in around an hour. Here is a video of 23 seconds out of the hour it took for everybody to get off the water: Optis getting off the water. The launching process was the hardest part of the race.

Here is a link for some pictures of me taken by a professional photographer (I can not include them in my blog because the  pictures have been copyrighted) : Tim Wilkes Photography
Here is a picture of the Orange Bowl Committee at the yacht club on the first day of the regatta:
Here is a picture of me sailing into the harbor:
(I am in the middle heading to the right)
One thing that I think is cool is that sail numbers reflect when a boat is built, my sail number is USA 17666 and I saw a boat who’s sail number is USA 17665.
Me after a day of sailing:
Here is a picture of the start line with Miami in the background:
Here is a close up of the picture above:
I had a lot of fun at the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta. I think that next year the regatta should be on tv. I am very glad I went, it was an amazing experience. One of my favorite parts of the regatta was having the chance to race against so many other sailors. It was interesting hearing all the different languages on and off the water. The Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta was one of the most exiting sailing experiences I have had.