Hi Everybody,

I hope that your holiday  have been great. My winter break has not been the most action packed, but I have had a great time with my friends and family.

My break started after I participated in my school’s annual performance, the Winter Celebration.   Every student in the whole school, K-8th grade, participates by singing, dancing and playing music. Every year  the eighth grade plays a medley. This year, we played a James Bond medley. Here is a clip of the James Bond theme song http://youtu.be/NIwwa2BYmS0 At the end of the Winter Celebration, our Jazz Band (I am the violinist) ended the show with Sing Sing Sing. Here is a video of Sing Sing Sing:  http://youtu.be/CsJhwzMPImg

The three days before Christmas were filled with holiday cheer and celebration with my grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle and friends. I really enjoyed the time with everyone. It was great having the out of towners visit, but the best and worst part of their  stay took place on Christmas. We started Christmas morning early and everybody enjoyed the gift opening, even Miles. It was great watching my four year old cousin help his almost two year old brother open the biggest of their presents. My present was a rc sailboat.  I got my dad the same boat so we can spend time together racing them. The worst part of the day was having to say goodbye  because everyone left on Christmas day. My cousins were crying because they had to leave us and we were all sad. It was so fun seeing everybody at once, I can’t wait till next year.

Here is a picture of my four year old cousin, Lucas, holding one of his presents and Zachary is on the floor:


Here is the rc sailboat assembly line.


The assembly line is complete:






After Christmas my family went up to Geyserville for New Years.While we were there, me and my dad sailed our rc boats. My dad’s did not really work well because when we were plugging our batteries into the receivers he plugged his in incorrectly and his receiver started smoking. Even though we were not able to have a fair race I really enjoyed sailing my rc sailboat. Here is a video of my sailaboat.: http://youtu.be/dnZfGbPShjs


Me sailing my rc sailboat.



A quick update on my Laser sailing. I have not been sailing that much because practices have been scattered over the last couple of months and I have also been busy with high school applications. I have really enjoyed the switch to Lasers, it is fun being in a fast boat and I like the new challenge.  At the last Laser team practice I had a lot of fun even though the conditions were tough. There was an ebb tide, a lot of rain, and heavy winds which made it difficult for me to keep the boat flat. The conditions were a little bit outside of my confort zone but I pushed myself. I have found that when there is rain and heavy wind I am often out of my comfort zone. The conditions that I enjoy the most are light wind conditions because I am able to keep the boat flat despite my light body weight.  I am looking forward to being able to handle different conditions as I improve on Lasers. Practices and regattas are starting again this month and I am looking forward to getting back on the water.

I have really enjoy writing this blog post to let you all know how I am doing.  I hope that you are all doing well and that you have enjoyed you winter breaks.  Happy New Year!P1020313