Hi Everybody,

The end of the 2012/2o13 school year was not only the beginning of summer, but it was also my middle school graduation. This fall I will be a freshman at the Bay School of San Francisco. I am sad not to be going to San Francisco Friends School next year but I am also kind of happy about not going as well. I am a little bit nervous about going to a new school, but I am also really excited at the the same time.I got a gopro for my graduation and birthday gift. I will be posting a video of me sailing soon, after I finish editing it. Here are some pictures from the graduation celabration: 

Me and Claudia


Recently, I have been writing a song using only my violin, except for the drum part. I wrote the drum part using Garageband, a computer program where you can write parts for instruments and it will play the instruments for you. I have been working on this song for about a month. The song is called Summer Thunder. You can listen to my song here: https://soundcloud.com/sumneros/summer-thunder.

I have also been enjoying the beginning of the summer. I have done a little bit of sailing and I am currently up in Geyserville hanging out with my mom and my sister. Last weekend, my sister and I raced a Sunfish on the lake near our house. We got first in both races, it was a great experience racing with Celia. The rest of the summer will be filled with high school prep, a jazz camp in Truckee, and as much sailing as possible. I hope you enjoyed this post.