Hi Everybody,

My intro to laser sailing has been great. Over the past two weeks I have participated in two regattas. The first regatta was a one day regatta in Santa Cruz, it was also my first regatta racing lasers. On Saturday, my team had practice.  On Sunday, the Santa Cruz Yacht club hosted the regatta, which was an all ages regatta. We were racing a half a mile offshore, the conditions were mild and it was a nice day to be sailing. The wind started light in the morning, but over the course of the day, the wind picked up.   I enjoyed the experience and I feel like I learned about the Santa Cruz venue.  My grandparents were among the spectators watching the regatta. I really appreciated them coming, it was nice to have them there. Here is a picture:


I am the boat on the left.


Last weekend I had my second laser regatta in San Diego. It was a two day regatta. On the first day, I did ok. The waves were normal and the wind was moderate all day. On the second day, I improved a lot! I sailed really well on the last two races which felt good because it was proof of my improvement. On the second race of the second day, I had a decent start and on the first upwind leg I gained a lot of boats. My great gains had me finishing the race in seventh place, beating more than half the fleet. On the third and last race of the day, after an ok start, I rounded the first windward mark in 2nd place. But, because I was not fast on the long downwind leg, I lost a lot of boats, finishing in tenth place.  The conditions on the second day were very simular to the first day except that the wind was a little bit lighter. I had a lot of fun the regatta and really enjoyed the sailing experience in San Diego. One thing that I love about sailing the laser is how fast it goes. Lasers require a lot of training that I didn’t know about whenI was sailing optis. Now, outside of my opti paradime, I see how I must condition myself in very specific ways to succeed in the laser class. I am very happy to have made the shift from optis to lasers.

photoBesides the regatta, I also enjoyed the drive to San Diego because it was just me and my dad and we had a lot of fun hanging out.  The drive was at lease 8 hours from San Francisco. On the way back from San Diego we stopped in Fresno at  my grandparent’s house. My dad and I were not the only people staying at my grandparents house, my cousins were there as well.  It was great to see everybody, even just for a short visit!