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A Quick Update

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for not publishing any new posts recently, I have had a lot of schoolwork. I am working on a post now and will hope to get it up soon.   A few things I have been doing are playing multiple Jazz Band performances, my aunt and cousin were here, the spring sailing season started and we have begun on our very busy end of school  projects.  We have 8 more days of school and all will be very busy!!  To keep you entertained I am including the link for a blog that I created for school: The Cycle of Violence.

See you all soon,




By Sumner Strumph

The wind, respect it
The water, respect it
The waves, respect them
These are the rules of opti sailing in SF bay
When the wind fills your sails and you start to heel, you hike
When the water fills your boat, you hike
When the wave heels your boat, you hike
Wind, water, and waves
When they come together
You hike
When they come as one
You respect them
Because the power
Of wind, water, and waves
Can flip you
So when the wind, water, and waves come together
You Hike


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