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Harken Opti Challange

Hi Everybody,

Over the weekend I participated in the Harken Opti Challenge Regatta at the SFYC. On the first day of the regatta I did not do very well and finished the day in 19th place. When I arrived on the second day the race had been canceled due to the tragedy of Low Speed Chase, a boat based out of the yacht club hosting the Harken Opti Challenge. The Low Speed Chase was participating in the Farallon Race. Here is a link to information about the tragedy: It was a very sad day in Bay Area sailing. Sorry this a short post but there is not a lot to say.



Hi everybody,

Sorry, I have not posted in a long time.  This post is going to be about my recent trip to Nicaragua. Here is a link to a slideshow I made with photos from my trip; When we were in Leon we worked in the community to help build a wall for a house, it was hard work, but fun. While in Leon, we were able to shop in the plaza. The plaza is like a town square, it is a very busy place. They sell a lot of souvenirs. They were also selling soda, but because the glass bottles that soda is sold in is worth five cents, Nicaraguans sell soda in a bag. I was really surprised about how much American food there was available in Nicaragua. I was served chicken wings and pizza, but I saw a lot of other American food being advertised. I had never seen anywhere like Leon before. We left Leon and went to Miraflor, an area near the jungle where Nicaraguans grow coffee. The temperature in Miraflor is much lower than Leon, but it was still warm. In Miraflor we went on a hike in the jungle. On the hike I saw a tree that grows around another tree and then kills the other tree. I also saw ants with huge pinchers that they use to cut leaves. On the last day in Miraflor we went horseback riding to a waterfall. That night there was a thunder storm. I had a really good time on the trip. It was a great experience that I am glad I had.

I will be updating you soon on sailing, I have a regatta this weekend.


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