Hi Everybody,

Over Presidents Day weekend I had a regatta in Alameda. This regatta was the final regatta of the Bays Opti Winter Series. The regatta was held at the Encinal Yacht Club (EYC). On the first day of the regatta the wind started very low and then slowly picked up throughout the day. We raced triangles (opti race course #2), windward leewards (opti race course #1), double windward leewards (opti race course #4) and triangle windward leewards (opti race course #3). The venue was kind of hard to race in because there was not a lot of room to sail. Here is a picture:

The first race I ended up getting a seventh, the second race a fourteenth, the third race a fifth, and the fourth and final race I got a ninth. On the second day the wind had the same pattern as the day before, exept it started lighter and ended lighter. The first race of the day was probably the worst race I have ever had, it took me so long to get to the finish that I timed out. The reason I timed out is because there is a time limit you have to cross the finish line or else you get DNFed (Did Not Finish). Luckily for me, that race was my throwout. A throwout is a race that doesn’t count towards your total points, you get one throwout for every six races. If you have ever noticed how sometimes there is parentheses around a  score of one of my races that means that the race score was not included because it was a bad  score, a throwout. If you want to know more about the racing rules of sailing here are some links: 1. http://rrsstudy.blogspot.com/   2. http://www.sailing.org/20348.php  3. http://www.sailing.org/racingrules.php . Back to my races, the second race of the second day I took eleventh place. On the third race I took sixth place. Lastly, on the fourth race of the second day I took third place, ahead of four of the top sailors. Here is a link to the score: http://www.encinal.org/pageResource/juniors/2010/docs_2012/2012_baysChampResults.pdf

It was a fun, great, and successful regatta for me. I hope that my next regatta will be similar to this one, if not, waaaayyyy better. Stay tuned for a late Florida update.