Hi Everybody,

The reason I dread the day I turn 15 is because that is the age when I am no longer allowed to sail Opti’s.  As most of you may know I love sailing Opti’s.


Recently I had a regatta at StFYC. The regatta was a two day regatta. It was very light wind the first day, we did two races and almost finished a third. On the first race I ended up finishing in seventh place. In the second race I was in last before I rounded the windward mark, on the downwind leg I positioned my self in third place and was able to sail to the finish line while keeping that position. On the third race the same thing happened as in the second race but instead of a third I was in second place until the race commitee ended the race because there was not enough wind. On the second day of the regatta there was much more wind but I didn’t do very well.  Even though I didn’t place well in most races, I enjoyed the day very much.  I enjoyed thinking about how the current effected the race.    You have to know where the current is and how it is going to move the boat, see drawing below.


I love to sail at the St. Francis because the weather  there is always an interesting challenge.  My next regatta will be in Florida, I can’t wait to tell you about it!