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Hi Everybody,

Recently, I had a regatta at the San Francisco Yacht Club. There was absolutely no wind. We ended up sitting on the water for three hours each day before we went in, it was very boring. The Course we used for this regatta is a regular windward leeward course, here is a picture of it: 

If  you have not heard already, I am going to Florida this Christmas and in February 2012 for two different regattas. The first regatta, when I  leave SF on Christmas Day, is the Orange Bowl Regatta. Kids from Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Ecuador,  Trinidad, Peru, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Switzerland came to Florida to participate in the 2010 Orange Bowl Regatta. Here is the link to the Orange Bowl Regatta web-sight:  The second regatta, which is in February 2012, is a team trails qualifier known as the Valentines Day Regatta. The Valentines Day Regatta and the Orange Bowl Regatta are both in Florida but are held at different yacht clubs and in different cities. The reason I am going to the Valentines Day Regatta is because I want to qualify for team trials. If you forget what team trials is, I wrote about in my posting Opti Road Trip. If you are wondering what the course will be for the Valentines Day Regatta and the Orange Bowl Regatta it will be the Opti Trapazoid, you will find a picture of this in the post Opti Road Trip.

Sometimes a regatta is miserable, like when there is a lot of rain or no wind at all. But most of the time regattas are fun because I love to sail. I treasure every moment on my opti and dread the day I turn 15…

(explaned in next post)


Jazz Mafia At Yoshi’s

Hi Everybody,

As you may have read on my old blog, I played at Yoshi’s with the Jazz Mafia last Friday night.  Here is a link to a YouTube video of me: .  I am starting to close down opti17666 so please subscribe to this blog.


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