Hi everybody,
Recently I had two regattas, Bays # 5 and PCCs.


BAYS # 5 was held at the Tiburon Yacht Club, 9/3/2011 and 9/4/2011.  Bays #5 was my one year anniversary of Opti racing.  The first day the wind started reasonably low and picked up to be about 18 knots. I didn’t enjoy the first day that much, I was only wearing a wet suit and I was cold.   The second day I wore a dry suit. I was much warmer but didn’t do as well as the first day. Here are the results: http://www.tyc.org/BAYS.html

Me Now                                                                       Me a Year ago


PCCs (Pacific Coast Championship) was held at SFYC, 9/10/2011and 9/11/2011.  Even though it was held at SFYC we sail at South Hampton Shole which is near Richmond.  The first day of PCCs it was blowing 32 knots at The Golden Gate Bridge (almost 37 MPH).  Because the race course is so far away from the SFYC (Belvedere) they towed our boats to the race course.  At the beginning of the first race on Saturday, there was very little wind.  As we rounded the first mark the wind picked up and became fairly strong.  By the end of the race the wind was blowing around 22 knots and there were a lot of waves.  It was very hard sailing. 
              South Hampton Shole

On the second day of PCCs, during the tow…. I blink. There’s a bang as my boat hit two others boats. As I try to steer away, my boat starts to tip. At the moment I entered the water I expected to almost freeze, I felt nothing and realized just how much I appreciate my dry-suit. As the boat tips I hear a crack, I discount the crack thinking it is nothing. When my boat is done capsizing, I quickly scramble to the bottom of my boat and start to right it. As I right the boat, I lose my grip but quickly grab back on. Once I right the boat, I start to bail. The other sailors in the tow yell something to me about my rudder. Only when the amount of water in my boat has decreased a noticeable amount do I notice that my rudder is not on right. I look back and notice that the top gudgeon is bent badly up. To fix that problem my coach got out a pair of pliers to bend it back down. The coach was not able to reform the towline so he just let us sail from Angel Island to South Hampton Shoal. When I got off the water I inspected the damage and saw the there was a dent in the rudder and the top pintle was bent badly to the side. 
Gudgeon and Pintle

Here are my results from PCCs:  

Here are some more picture of me.

September was busy with regattas. I am happy with the way I have sailed, the past year has been amazing.