Recently, I have been doing a lot of Sunfish sailing in Geyserville. Sunfish races are held every Saturday and Sunday at Vineyard Lake.  I started participating in the races this summer.  On my first race I got first place  place and most other races I have gotten third place.  Vineyard Lake is either a large pond or a small lake, but it still can race a fleet of Sunfish.   The wind is very light and shifty, it makes it very hard to sail.  I am the only kid racing out there, everybody else has sailed there for a long time.  I weigh less than all the other sailors which helps me go faster than everybody else. But, most of them know where the wind changes, which helps them decide on their tactics.

My dad races a Sunfish on the lake as well.  We sail on different boats, he is using the heavier of our two boats and is often at the back of the fleet.   Racing with my dad is fun.  When we are in the back together we talk while we are sailing, before I pull ahead of him.   Being in the back with my dad makes being in the back more enjoyable.

We got the second boat this summer. I set it up on my own after my mom and sister helped me wheel it down to the lake on my Opti dolly.

In Opti racing almost all of the rules are followed and enforced.  Usually, Sunfish racing  follows the Racing Rules of Sailing, but many of the rules are not enforced on the lake.  Personally, I think the rules should be enforced more strictly.  Rules are made so that racing is fun and safe.  I will continue to sail at the lake, even though I don’t agree with the rule enforcement on the lake.  I always enjoy racing and sailing at the lake.

Sunfish racing is much different than Opti racing.  The Sunfish are much more powerful than an Opti.   They can go faster than an Opti in the same wind and distance.  I enjoy having the opportunity to sail and race both boats. The racing season at the lake is ending, I will soon start Bay Opti racing.