Hi Everybody,
Over the weekend I participated in the USODA West Coast Championship at the Santa Barbra Yacht Club. The West Coast Championship is one of the many Team Trials qualifying regattas, Team Trials is the qualifying regatta for the US National Team. To me this regatta had many firsts; it was my first regatta out of the Bay Area, my first Team Trails qualifier regatta, my first USODA event, and it was also my first regatta that was on twitter! On Saturday, we were having difficulties starting races, due to postponement and a lot of general recalls. When the first race finally started, the fleet sailed out about two miles before the Race Committee realized that the windward mark’s anchor line was not long enough and it was drifting out to sea with us following it. Here is the course we were sailing.

After that attempt to start a race, we went back into postponement. We completed three races that day, the first two were so insignifigint that I even got the same place in both, 25th. But the third race is worth telling. I was having a great race and doing well, until!!! right at the gate I was fouled twice. I was on starboard tack (which has right over port) and two boats hit me on port. In the end I beat both of them which satisfied me immensely  On the second day, due to absolutely no wind, we ended up having to wait three hours on the water before the RC even attempted to start a race! It was incredibly boring. When they finally started the race, I got great start which led to me placing 15th, making that my best race for the regatta. Sadly, I was not one of the Team Trails quantifiers, but it was still fun. Here is a picture: