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Summer Highlights 2011

This is a the Heavy Weather regatta at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

My Giants game birthday party.
Me and my sister at the zoo with my cousin Zachary and Lucas (Lucas is the older one).
Me and my sister in Geyserville for the Fourth of  July.
The end of a great week at Tinsly Island.
Me taking second place at the Svenson’s Summer Splash.

My family on a sailing tour in Maine.
My family biking at Bar Harbor.
Taking the ferry to Vinalhaven, Maine.

Biking on Vinal haven Island.

Me and my sister at Splashtown Funtown USA
Goose Rocks Beach, Maine

Celia and I at a Portland Sea Dogs game.
Making smores at  Goose Rocks Beach.

Celia and I at the Salem Witch Museum, Salam, MA.
These are whales from a whale watching tour, Plymouth,MA.

A successful rocket launch, Geyserville, CA.

I hope you enjoyed the photos summarizing my summer.  I am taking  the last days of summer off of blogging.    See you from seventh grade.


Sunfish Sailing

Recently, I have been doing a lot of Sunfish sailing in Geyserville. Sunfish races are held every Saturday and Sunday at Vineyard Lake.  I started participating in the races this summer.  On my first race I got first place  place and most other races I have gotten third place.  Vineyard Lake is either a large pond or a small lake, but it still can race a fleet of Sunfish.   The wind is very light and shifty, it makes it very hard to sail.  I am the only kid racing out there, everybody else has sailed there for a long time.  I weigh less than all the other sailors which helps me go faster than everybody else. But, most of them know where the wind changes, which helps them decide on their tactics.

My dad races a Sunfish on the lake as well.  We sail on different boats, he is using the heavier of our two boats and is often at the back of the fleet.   Racing with my dad is fun.  When we are in the back together we talk while we are sailing, before I pull ahead of him.   Being in the back with my dad makes being in the back more enjoyable.

We got the second boat this summer. I set it up on my own after my mom and sister helped me wheel it down to the lake on my Opti dolly.

In Opti racing almost all of the rules are followed and enforced.  Usually, Sunfish racing  follows the Racing Rules of Sailing, but many of the rules are not enforced on the lake.  Personally, I think the rules should be enforced more strictly.  Rules are made so that racing is fun and safe.  I will continue to sail at the lake, even though I don’t agree with the rule enforcement on the lake.  I always enjoy racing and sailing at the lake.

Sunfish racing is much different than Opti racing.  The Sunfish are much more powerful than an Opti.   They can go faster than an Opti in the same wind and distance.  I enjoy having the opportunity to sail and race both boats. The racing season at the lake is ending, I will soon start Bay Opti racing.


When I was little I wanted to be a astronaut. Later, I abandoned that dream and ended up launching model rockets instead of becoming an astronaut. I was around nine years old when I got my first rocket.

My first two rockets.

It was about a foot high and easy to make, my dad helped too. On my first launch ever, when the rocket backfired, the top flew off and luckily we were able to recover it.  It was always fun to launch a model rocket, especially because we weren’t able to do it very often.

Most times, assemblies were long and the launches didn’t always go as planned.  One time, it took off and backfired as it hit a fence, the whole front of the rocket was completely crumpled up.  We were able to fix it and it was able to be launched again.  Another time, I launched a rocket with the recovery wadding glued inside the rocket.  When the rocket backfired, the bottom of the rocket was shot off the rocket.  One time, when the launch did go as planned, the rocket went incredibly high and the paracute deployed successfully.  We didn’t know where it went until it was literally right over my dad’s head.

Last night,  I pulled out the box of old rockets.  Today I am planning on firing one very soon…..

The launch, August 22, 2011, Geyserville, CA, USA.

First rocket after flight
Second rocket in flight

When we got to the launch site (a dirt field), we set up the launch platform and prepared the first rocket for launch.  The first few attempts for lift off failed, I do not know what went wrong.  When I was about to approach the rocket to fix it, the rocket shot off, surprising everyone!  The rocket kept going up and up and up until finally it backfired and the top popped off.  As it fell back to earth, the parachute did not unravel to deploy and it took a hard landing to the road.  Luckily, it did not get run over by a car. It was a suspenseful landing for me as I was waiting and hoping that the parachute would deploy before impact.  All the insides of the rocket were completely burned, the rocket would not be launchable again.  The second launch was much quicker than the first.  It went off on the first try and went about as high as the first rocket.  Sadly, like the first rocket, neither of its’ parachutes deployed on the fall back to earth.  Unlike the first rocket, it remained in launchable condition after it’s flight.  The launches were very exciting experiences.

Cross section of rocket.

Opti Road Trip

Hi Everybody,
Over the weekend I participated in the USODA West Coast Championship at the Santa Barbra Yacht Club. The West Coast Championship is one of the many Team Trials qualifying regattas, Team Trials is the qualifying regatta for the US National Team. To me this regatta had many firsts; it was my first regatta out of the Bay Area, my first Team Trails qualifier regatta, my first USODA event, and it was also my first regatta that was on twitter! On Saturday, we were having difficulties starting races, due to postponement and a lot of general recalls. When the first race finally started, the fleet sailed out about two miles before the Race Committee realized that the windward mark’s anchor line was not long enough and it was drifting out to sea with us following it. Here is the course we were sailing.

After that attempt to start a race, we went back into postponement. We completed three races that day, the first two were so insignifigint that I even got the same place in both, 25th. But the third race is worth telling. I was having a great race and doing well, until!!! right at the gate I was fouled twice. I was on starboard tack (which has right over port) and two boats hit me on port. In the end I beat both of them which satisfied me immensely  On the second day, due to absolutely no wind, we ended up having to wait three hours on the water before the RC even attempted to start a race! It was incredibly boring. When they finally started the race, I got great start which led to me placing 15th, making that my best race for the regatta. Sadly, I was not one of the Team Trails quantifiers, but it was still fun. Here is a picture:

In Maine

Hi Everybody,
I am in Maine!!!! I am having a great time at Goose Rocks Beach. Our East coast trip started in Plymouth. We were in Plymouth because my grandmother lives there. We went to visit her before she moves to Virginia. So far our east coast trip has been really hot (up in the nineties). As a San Franciscan I have been dying from the heat, but is also kind of refreshing because our summers are usually cold. Sadly, the first night we were in Plymouth, I started to puke. I ended up going the the hospital in an ambulance and I got two bags of fluid through an IV. Here is a picture of me when I was in the hospital:

During our stay in Plymouth we went to Boston once. I had a really great time in Boston. It was cool to be in another major city. On our Boston day, we hit four museums (The Gardener Museum, the New England Aquarium, the JFK Presidential Library and the MFA) and did one Duck Tour. They were all really fun because it was interesting seeing other kinds of art. My favorite museum we went to was the MFA. My favorite part of the MFA was the Chihuly exhibit. Chihuly is a glass blower/artist who make really cool glass pieces of art, here is a link if you want to learn more about him Here is a picture of me and my sister in the exhibit:

After that we drove all the way up to Mount Desert Island in Maine. When we were there we went biking. in Acadia National Park. It was hard biking because of some very tough hills.  Since then we have been driving down the coast of Maine. One of our stops was at Sebasco Resort near Boothbay Harbor. The second night that we were there, there was a big lobster fest and I discovered the great taste of lobster.  We also took a ferry to an island called Vinelhaven.  While we were there we biked to a quarry to go swimming.  It was very fun jumping off the ledge into the quarry.
Right now I am in Goose Rocks Beach, which is in Kennebunkport, Maine. Here is picture

I have been kayaking every day.  I have enjoyed it a lot except when I have tipped.  While we have been in Kennebunkport, we have gone to a flea market, played at the beach, cooked lobstah, saw a Portland Sea Dogs game and went to a BIG water park.  The water park was really fun!  It had two big rides, the Mammoth and the Tornado.  Here is a picture of me and my sis at the water park:


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