Hi Everybody,

Before I depart from SF to Maine here is a quick summer update.

For the fourth of July, my family and I were at our cabin in Geyserville.  There was a celebration and it was very fun.  I enjoyed playing tennis, sailing, hanging out with my sister and seeing our friends, The Smiths.

Another highlight, was when my cousins came to visit.  Lucas and Zachary!  We had a lot of fun, even though they are very little and I am 13. We went to the zoo and Lucas enjoyed it immensely!

Last week I went to the St.FYC Tinsley Island. It was a sailing camp where we sailed all day. Sadly on the first day I sprained my ankle. Here is a picture of me:

Right after camp I had the EYC BAYS #3 regatta.  It was very fun!  I did great, I got second place in the Red Fleet.  Here is a picture of me sailing and at the awards.

I hope to give a more detailed posting soon, and maybe even have a guest blogger!!!!