Hi Everybody,
I hope you are enjoying your summer. I am enjoying my summer a lot. Over the weekend I had my first b-day party  since third grade, it was really, really fun. Thanks to my neighbor, Jason, we got tickets to a Giants game and on the field passes for batting practice. Here is a picture

The Giants ended up winning and the game was super fun. They won 1-0 against the Cleveland Indians. In between every inning Cody Ross would throw a ball out to the crowds and at one point I got quite close to catching one. We played a lot of wii after the game which was also really fun. After that we watched The Hunt for Red October. We all really loved the movie, with its sub combat scenes and many other great parts. It was the best b-day party I have ever had.
Here is the funny picture of the day: 
This is me and my sister with our fake mustaches.