Hi Everybody,
Some things I didn’t include in my last posting are that last weekend I sailed in the BAYS #2 regatta at Richmond Yacht Club, school has ended, and I’m really into architecture.
I sailed well both days of the regatta. I got 9th overall and 5th out of blue fleet. On the second race I death rolled (see “Big Waves With Water Everywhere”) and I got a lot of mud on the top of my sail. 

My boat with mud on the sail.

Also, I have a new interest, and  it is architecture. It started when my class did a green architecture unit in science. One of the fun parts about architecture is building the models of the house after you have drawn the floorplan.  I have been doing a lot of architectural drawing recently. 

Right now while I am writing, Gus, my cat, is on my lap purring.  Summer is great.