Hi Everybody,
Last Friday, for sailing practice we went out on a motor boat the look for the AC 45s, We slowed down in front of the new Exploratorium and the  battery on the boat ran out.  We drifted about three miles, then were rescued by the Rocket Boat. The Rocket Boat told us that the Coast Guard new that we were in trouble, but they never came to help. While we were being towed by the Rocket Boat a STFYC member came and towed us to the South Beach Marina. We borrowed his phone and called the yacht club to send a boat to pick us up. The boat that came to pick us up had the commodore on it!!!! We planed all the way back and when we slowed down our wake flooded into the back of our boat, our boat was filled with water.  That is how Friday’s sailing practice became drifting practice.

In this entry’s title the AC in action stands for the AC in AC 45, the class of boat that they are sailing on the bay. Check some videos out by clicking here: America‘s Cup videos
An update on the Americas Cup, they have been testing the cameras and boats on the SF Bay.  This week they will be sailing in the bay Monday – Friday 1-3:30.  I am very exited about it.  Just to give you an idea of how awesome the boats are, here are some videos: