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Ah, Summer Time

Hi Everybody,
I hope you are enjoying your summer. I am enjoying my summer a lot. Over the weekend I had my first b-day party  since third grade, it was really, really fun. Thanks to my neighbor, Jason, we got tickets to a Giants game and on the field passes for batting practice. Here is a picture

The Giants ended up winning and the game was super fun. They won 1-0 against the Cleveland Indians. In between every inning Cody Ross would throw a ball out to the crowds and at one point I got quite close to catching one. We played a lot of wii after the game which was also really fun. After that we watched The Hunt for Red October. We all really loved the movie, with its sub combat scenes and many other great parts. It was the best b-day party I have ever had.
Here is the funny picture of the day: 
This is me and my sister with our fake mustaches.

Heavy Weather

From the 15th to the 20th I have have been sailing in really heavy weather. The first two days were part of the Heavy Weather Clinic which prepared us for the last three days which was the Opti Heavy Weather Regatta. Both the clinic and the regatta were offered at the St. Francis Yacht Club.  The name, Heavy Weather, suits those five days perfectly.  At one point during the clinic, I was sailing around and got quite close to a having a T-bone (when a boat collision forms a T from a birds eye view) with a AC45.  On the last day of the regatta a little pin that held my rudder to the boat  broke off. When the pin broke I could not steer and would have been washed into the rocks if a coach from SFYC had not seen me and came to rescue me from being washed ashore. The damage was so great that I ended up being towed in and having to retire the rest of that day’s races.

Up to the left you can see the piece that broke off.  

Sailing with the AC45s was a lot of fun, I could go on and on and on about how awesome it was, but if I did you would die of boredom, so I will not. Here is a picture with me and one of them:

Here are some pictures of them sailing when I was sailing:


When a sailor refers to the weather as heavy it means high winds and strong currents. On Sunday the wind was gusting up to 24 kt (kt= knots) online kts to mph converter.  For the clinic and the regatta the winds were very strong, there was a strong flood tide, and it was very wet.  Luckily, I did not get wet because I was wearing a dry suit. The function of a dry suit is very self explanatory, it keeps you dry.

Those five days were fun, but tiring.

Here are some pictures of me:

Hi Everybody,
Some things I didn’t include in my last posting are that last weekend I sailed in the BAYS #2 regatta at Richmond Yacht Club, school has ended, and I’m really into architecture.
I sailed well both days of the regatta. I got 9th overall and 5th out of blue fleet. On the second race I death rolled (see “Big Waves With Water Everywhere”) and I got a lot of mud on the top of my sail. 

My boat with mud on the sail.

Also, I have a new interest, and  it is architecture. It started when my class did a green architecture unit in science. One of the fun parts about architecture is building the models of the house after you have drawn the floorplan.  I have been doing a lot of architectural drawing recently. 

Right now while I am writing, Gus, my cat, is on my lap purring.  Summer is great.

SF ACtion 45

Hi Everybody,
Last Friday, for sailing practice we went out on a motor boat the look for the AC 45s, We slowed down in front of the new Exploratorium and the  battery on the boat ran out.  We drifted about three miles, then were rescued by the Rocket Boat. The Rocket Boat told us that the Coast Guard new that we were in trouble, but they never came to help. While we were being towed by the Rocket Boat a STFYC member came and towed us to the South Beach Marina. We borrowed his phone and called the yacht club to send a boat to pick us up. The boat that came to pick us up had the commodore on it!!!! We planed all the way back and when we slowed down our wake flooded into the back of our boat, our boat was filled with water.  That is how Friday’s sailing practice became drifting practice.

In this entry’s title the AC in action stands for the AC in AC 45, the class of boat that they are sailing on the bay. Check some videos out by clicking here: America‘s Cup videos
An update on the Americas Cup, they have been testing the cameras and boats on the SF Bay.  This week they will be sailing in the bay Monday – Friday 1-3:30.  I am very exited about it.  Just to give you an idea of how awesome the boats are, here are some videos:


Follow Team M1 USA 180 on their journey

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