Over the weekend I had a regatta. Before I tell you anything about the race I am going to display some pictures:

this is where the race was
this is me sailing
this is me going over a wave
this is me hiking
On the first day of my regatta I was doing pretty well in the races, but I probably could have done much better if I had gotten good starts. On the last race of the day I had a great start, but early in the race I was involved in a collision. If I had not been involved in the collision I think I would have done much better. Between races I was sailing back down from the finish line to the starting line and I death rolled. A death roll is when you are going downwind and the side of the boat you are not sitting on rolls over the side you are sitting on and then the boat capsizes. If you ever find yourself sailing, avoid death rolling at all costs. The next day, during my best race of the weekend, I was on the last leg of the race when my boat started to tilt. I hiked out but the boat ended up tilting to about a 90 degree angle out of the water. The leeward side of the boat started to submerge so I hiked out so hard that I was basically sitting on the side of the boat. The next thing I knew I was in the water, then then boat started to tip again without me in it. To keep the boat from capsizing I grabbed on to the rail of the boat and leveled the boat out. When I got back in the boat I started to bail the water out of my boat. I wasn’t able to finish the race. When I got back to the starting line I saw a huge wave rock the big committee boat, I was wondering if they were going to call the race because of the extreme conditions. Nope. The following race I was going downwind when my bow started to submerge I tried to regain control of the boat but the bow just got deeper underwater. Eventually the stern of the boat rose to a 90 degree angle out of the water. The boat capsized. That was my last race. 23 mph is a lot of wind. It was a very wet regatta.