Hi everybody,
If you would like to see some of my race results I am including a link to some of them.
Richmond Midwinters
ST.FYC bays series
An Opti is short for Optimist, which is the class of boat I sail. On one of the Richmond Midwinter races I ended up making all the right moves. When I crossed the finish line I was third total and first in green fleet. One of the most fun and miserable races I ever participated in was the ST.FYC bays series. On the first day, after the first two races, the wind died and the coaches called a lunch break. During the lunch break it got so foggy that you couldn’t even see 20 feet in any direction. The first day of the race ended up getting canceled because it was too foggy to sail.
Recently in orchestra we have been playing Soul Bossa Nova, Take The A Train, and Jupiter (from The Planets). My personal favorite is Jupiter (from The Planets).