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End of summer update

Hi Everybody,

-Sorry I have not posted since the beginning of the month. I have been busy,  between sailing, vacation and high school prep I have not had that much time.

As I have talked about a lot in my previous posts, I worked on a boat building project over the course of the summer. I was not present for the launch of the boat as we were in the Bahamas, but I have seen pictures and videos of the launch and parts of the project that I missed. During the boatbuilding project I worked on the rudder, centerboard and paddles of the boat. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on building a boat as I am a big sailor and boat building is very cool. I learned a lot of techniques used for boat building and a lot about how boats are built and constructed. Here is a video of the launch: I hope to have another opportunity similar to this one so I can be a part of the construction of another sailboat. If anyone would like to buy the boat I worked on, please get in touch with the workshop residence. Here is a the link:

As I mentioned, I was in the Bahamas. Luckily for me, they had sailing at the resort  we visited so  I sailed a lot during the week. The type of sailboats  they had were Hobie Waves. The Hobie Wave is a catamaran that is 13 feet long, 7 feet wide, and is about 20 feet tall. The fun part about the Hobie Wave is that the sail is farther forward than the normal catamaran which makes the boat very easy to pitchpole. Pitchpoling is when the front of the boat digs into a wave and the back of the boat goes into the air because it is still moving but the front has stopped so it goes over the front of the boat. Here is a link to a video of me sailing a Hobie Wave: . I also enjoyed the regattas, which Celia and I won. My sister sailed with me in the regattas because every boat had to have two people on it. I enjoyed sailing with Celia, it was a lot fun. During the trip I also went snorkeling which was really cool because we went to a coral reef and saw lots of fish. Here is a link to a video of me snorkeling: . I really enjoyed the trip, it was a nice way to end the summer. Here is a picture of me and my sister in the sunset:



Here is a picture of the Hobie Waves:P1020592

After the trip, I came back and had an overnight orientation for my freshman class. We went to the Marin headlands and slept in the old Army barracks. It was a lot of fun. We had s’mores around a campfire and went on hikes around the area. All the kids in my grade are really nice and I am really excited to be friends with all of them. I start school tomorrow and I cannot wait.

August ended with a regatta this  weekend at the Tiburon yacht club, it was the bays #5. Bays #5 was my first regatta ever, 4 years ago. I have really improved and grown a lot in my personal life and sailing life since I started sailing in 2010. This year, I did really well at the Bays 5. The first day, there was the perfect amount of wind for me, about 8 knots. I sailed really well and my best race of the day was a 3rd. On the second day, I didn’t sail as well, but I did well for the amount of wind there was. It was about 12 knots of wind, which is harder for me than 8 because I am fairly light for a laser. I really enjoyed doing well and I feel really good about how I did. I hope that next year I will place even better.

The summer has been really great and I am sad it is ending. But, I am excited to be going into my first year of high school.  I hope you all had a great summer.


August Update

Hi Everybody,
Since my last update a lot of things have happened. I went to a jazz camp in Truckee, in boat building we flipped the boat over, and Emirates Team New Zealand won the the round robin portion of the Louis Vuitton cup. At jazz camp, we worked on a lot of songs that my teacher, Adam, wrote. We also threw Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock in to the mix one day. I really enjoyed the chance to play jazz with other violinists because in my school jazz band, I was the only violinist. I had a really great time and I made some really nice new friends. Because the rest of my family had other activities in SF, I was lucky to have the opportunity to stay with my cousins(and aunt and uncle) in Truckee. It was fun staying with them. When my family came to get me, we all went on a hike, here is a picture: 20130803-182016.jpg

In my boat building class we have made a lot of progress. For the rudder and centerboard we put four pounds of lead in the rudder and 13 pounds of lead in the centerboard. The SF Chronicle published an article about the project, here’s the link:

We have also finished planking the boat and have flipped it over, here is a picture:

flipping the boat before and after


The hardware for the boat

On the America’s Cup front, Artemis Racing has launched their second boat and they foiled on their first day sailing. This is noteworthy because the stability of their foiling on their first day, was better than any other teams foiled on their first days. Here us a link to the video of them foiling: Over the past month the races of the Louis Vuitton Cup have been taking place in the Bay. Emirates Team New Zealand won the first segment, the round Robbin portion of the Louis Vuitton cup, which gave them the decision to either go the the semifinals against Luna Rosa/Artemis or just advance to the finals. ETNZ chose to advance directly to the finals. On August 6 Artemis Racing and Luna Rosa will race against each other in the semi finals. I will update you again soon as the America’s Cup and my boatbuilding project make progress. Here are some America’s Cup pictures:


Emirates Team New Zealand


Oracle Racing

New Stuff

HI Everybody,
My summer is off to a great start.  I hope yours is as well. I have  started a boatbuilding class, we will be building a wooden boat.
In class my job has been to manage and make the rudder and centerboard. The first step was to take the dimensions from the plans and to scale it up to full size. After I did that, I transfered the rudder and centerboard to pieces of 3/4 of an inch AB marine plywood. We cut out the plywood and I shaped into the correct shape by planing and sanding them.  I have enjoyed the class a lot.  Here are some pictures:

The centerboard

The hardware

This is what the boat will look like when it is finished


As I mentioned in my last post, I am including a video from my laser sailing. Here is the link, I hope you enjoy the video:

Over the past week the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup has had its first races. These races have only had one boat participating.This has been because Artemis is still working on their boat and Luna Rosa boycotted the first race. Today is the first day when there will be two boats racing against each other.  The boats racing will be Emirates Team New Zealand vs. Luna Rosa. It will be interesting to see how the Louis Vuitton cup evolves.

Today I am leaving for Truckee to go to a Jazz Camp and stay with my cousins. I will be in touch in the next couple of weeks and update you on everything.  Hope you are having a good summer.

Hi Everybody,

The end of the 2012/2o13 school year was not only the beginning of summer, but it was also my middle school graduation. This fall I will be a freshman at the Bay School of San Francisco. I am sad not to be going to San Francisco Friends School next year but I am also kind of happy about not going as well. I am a little bit nervous about going to a new school, but I am also really excited at the the same time.I got a gopro for my graduation and birthday gift. I will be posting a video of me sailing soon, after I finish editing it. Here are some pictures from the graduation celabration: 

Me and Claudia


Recently, I have been writing a song using only my violin, except for the drum part. I wrote the drum part using Garageband, a computer program where you can write parts for instruments and it will play the instruments for you. I have been working on this song for about a month. The song is called Summer Thunder. You can listen to my song here:

I have also been enjoying the beginning of the summer. I have done a little bit of sailing and I am currently up in Geyserville hanging out with my mom and my sister. Last weekend, my sister and I raced a Sunfish on the lake near our house. We got first in both races, it was a great experience racing with Celia. The rest of the summer will be filled with high school prep, a jazz camp in Truckee, and as much sailing as possible. I hope you enjoyed this post.

April Update

Hi Everybody,

I am sorry I have not posted in a while, I have had been really busy. Since my last post I have been accepted into my top choice high school, had two laser regattas, and have started the construction of the rc boat I talked about a few posts ago. Next year I will be going to the  The Bay School of San Francisco. I was really excited when I got my letter, I did a lot of work to get in and I can’t wait to go be a student at Bay.

On the Laser front, I have put two more regattas under my belt. The first regatta, which was my third laser regatta, was at the St Francis Yacht Club. There was about 14 kts of wind both days of the regatta and because I am small for a laser I had a hard time in these conditions. On the last downwind leg of one of the races,  my friend and I were racing eachother for second to last place.  It was unclear who would beat the other until about 4 boat lenghts from the finish when I took the lead and crossed before he did. We had a great time racing neck and neck with eachother, it was my favorite time at the regatta. Here are the results:

The second regatta was in LA at the California Yacht Club. Because it was a three day regatta and all the way in LA, my whole family went as a road trip.  There were a lot of very good sailors at this regatta, it is a qualifier for the Laser Worlds. The conditions were perfect for my size and I did fairly well for the whole regatta. Here are the results: Here is a picture (I am in the yellow life jacket in the middle):


Last but not least, I have made a lot of progress on my model ac72. I have carved out the two hulls, both of the beams, and the center structure out of foam. The next thing I have to do is the fiberglass. Here are some pictures:

hulls and beams

Hulls and beams attached and standing on toothpicks

hulls, beams, and center structure

Hulls, beams, and center structure all attached with toothpicks, being held up by some homemade stands.

Hulls, beams, center structure and dowel to show what the mast might look likeHulls, beams, and center structure attached with toothpicks. The dowel shows the estimated mast location. I am not sure when I will fiberglass the boat or when it will be launched, but I am trying to complete it at the fastest speed I can without ruining it. I hope you liked this update, I hope to get back to you soon with more news.

Regatta update

Hi Everybody,

My intro to laser sailing has been great. Over the past two weeks I have participated in two regattas. The first regatta was a one day regatta in Santa Cruz, it was also my first regatta racing lasers. On Saturday, my team had practice.  On Sunday, the Santa Cruz Yacht club hosted the regatta, which was an all ages regatta. We were racing a half a mile offshore, the conditions were mild and it was a nice day to be sailing. The wind started light in the morning, but over the course of the day, the wind picked up.   I enjoyed the experience and I feel like I learned about the Santa Cruz venue.  My grandparents were among the spectators watching the regatta. I really appreciated them coming, it was nice to have them there. Here is a picture:


I am the boat on the left.


Last weekend I had my second laser regatta in San Diego. It was a two day regatta. On the first day, I did ok. The waves were normal and the wind was moderate all day. On the second day, I improved a lot! I sailed really well on the last two races which felt good because it was proof of my improvement. On the second race of the second day, I had a decent start and on the first upwind leg I gained a lot of boats. My great gains had me finishing the race in seventh place, beating more than half the fleet. On the third and last race of the day, after an ok start, I rounded the first windward mark in 2nd place. But, because I was not fast on the long downwind leg, I lost a lot of boats, finishing in tenth place.  The conditions on the second day were very simular to the first day except that the wind was a little bit lighter. I had a lot of fun the regatta and really enjoyed the sailing experience in San Diego. One thing that I love about sailing the laser is how fast it goes. Lasers require a lot of training that I didn’t know about whenI was sailing optis. Now, outside of my opti paradime, I see how I must condition myself in very specific ways to succeed in the laser class. I am very happy to have made the shift from optis to lasers.

photoBesides the regatta, I also enjoyed the drive to San Diego because it was just me and my dad and we had a lot of fun hanging out.  The drive was at lease 8 hours from San Francisco. On the way back from San Diego we stopped in Fresno at  my grandparent’s house. My dad and I were not the only people staying at my grandparents house, my cousins were there as well.  It was great to see everybody, even just for a short visit!

Winter Break

Hi Everybody,

I hope that your holiday  have been great. My winter break has not been the most action packed, but I have had a great time with my friends and family.

My break started after I participated in my school’s annual performance, the Winter Celebration.   Every student in the whole school, K-8th grade, participates by singing, dancing and playing music. Every year  the eighth grade plays a medley. This year, we played a James Bond medley. Here is a clip of the James Bond theme song At the end of the Winter Celebration, our Jazz Band (I am the violinist) ended the show with Sing Sing Sing. Here is a video of Sing Sing Sing:

The three days before Christmas were filled with holiday cheer and celebration with my grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle and friends. I really enjoyed the time with everyone. It was great having the out of towners visit, but the best and worst part of their  stay took place on Christmas. We started Christmas morning early and everybody enjoyed the gift opening, even Miles. It was great watching my four year old cousin help his almost two year old brother open the biggest of their presents. My present was a rc sailboat.  I got my dad the same boat so we can spend time together racing them. The worst part of the day was having to say goodbye  because everyone left on Christmas day. My cousins were crying because they had to leave us and we were all sad. It was so fun seeing everybody at once, I can’t wait till next year.

Here is a picture of my four year old cousin, Lucas, holding one of his presents and Zachary is on the floor:


Here is the rc sailboat assembly line.


The assembly line is complete:






After Christmas my family went up to Geyserville for New Years.While we were there, me and my dad sailed our rc boats. My dad’s did not really work well because when we were plugging our batteries into the receivers he plugged his in incorrectly and his receiver started smoking. Even though we were not able to have a fair race I really enjoyed sailing my rc sailboat. Here is a video of my sailaboat.:


Me sailing my rc sailboat.



A quick update on my Laser sailing. I have not been sailing that much because practices have been scattered over the last couple of months and I have also been busy with high school applications. I have really enjoyed the switch to Lasers, it is fun being in a fast boat and I like the new challenge.  At the last Laser team practice I had a lot of fun even though the conditions were tough. There was an ebb tide, a lot of rain, and heavy winds which made it difficult for me to keep the boat flat. The conditions were a little bit outside of my confort zone but I pushed myself. I have found that when there is rain and heavy wind I am often out of my comfort zone. The conditions that I enjoy the most are light wind conditions because I am able to keep the boat flat despite my light body weight.  I am looking forward to being able to handle different conditions as I improve on Lasers. Practices and regattas are starting again this month and I am looking forward to getting back on the water.

I have really enjoy writing this blog post to let you all know how I am doing.  I hope that you are all doing well and that you have enjoyed you winter breaks.  Happy New Year!P1020313

The America’s Cup Must Go On

Hi Everybody,

In this post I will update you on the America’s cup, Oracle racing, my sailing, and my life.

In America’s Cup news, Artimist and Luna Rossa have both launched their AC72’s. Artimist launched theirs in San Francisco and Luna Rosa in Auckland. Below is the Luna Rossa boat.

There are now two AC72s in the Bay area, but only one is in action. Orcale’s is being repaired after the tragic crash last month. Luckily Oracle was able to retrive most the boat. Here are some pictures of the boat recovery in the night: 

Sadly, their wing was shattered and scattered around the bay. Interestingly, they took part of the wing that they were able save and turned it into a flying contraption for the Red Bull Flugtag last weekend in McCovey Cove.

Artemis is still going through the initial test of launching their boat.They were able to get up on one hull last week.

Team Oracle has gone back to their AC 45 training and are also helping out with the Youth America’s Cup. Youth America’s Cup is a group of 18-23 year olds who have earned the privilege to sail AC45s. They will be racing after the Louis Vuitton Cup and before the America’s Cup next summer in San Francisco. I also happen to know that Nikki, my neighbor and friend, is working with the sailors on their yoga practice. I wonder if their yoga is like the yoga we have to do at school? Team Oracle has also been busy volunteering for the San Francisco Food Bank and growing moustaches for Movember. One of the reasons why Oracle is my favorite team is that they are great role models in the ways that they train, race and contribute to the community.

Recently, I was asked to explain the America’s Cup advertising tagline to a friend of my parents, Joe. He asked, “how can the boats go faster than the wind?” I explained the theory of apparent wind to him, see the illustration below. Basically, if you are going perpendicular to the wind at 20 miles/hour and the wind is also going 20 miles per hour, you will feel like the wind is going 40 mil/hr between the direction you are heading and the direction that the wind is coming from. So, sailboats are able to harness the 40 miles per hour wind, instead of the 20 mile an hour wind, making them go “faster than the wind.”

It was great talking about the America’s Cup to an audience that cared and was curious about the race. I realized that San Franciscans need to be educated on the racing format and the details of the America’s Cup. I have observed that my peers, who don’t sail, are very much in the dark about the details and awesomeness of the America’s Cup. I am going to explain to everyone I know the details of the America’s cup race and boats in an effort to raise enthusiasm for the big event next year. Unfortunately, there is only one of me and thousands of people who need to learn about the America’s Cup. Feel free to share my blog with anyone you know to help educate people about this epic event. Let’s all work together to spread the news!

On to my own sailing, laser sailing has been going great so far. I am really enjoying the switch to the new and bigger boat. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new boat, because if I am not challenged things become to0 easy and boring. Learning a new boat involves how to control the sail in different way, rigging the boat and learning different maneuvers. It is much, much different than an opti. I have found that the speed of a laser is exhilerating compared to the speed of optis. I think that sailing a laser has helped me to see and experience true speed in sailing. I don’t think I knew speed before, now that I can contrast optis to lasers. Also, it is really fun to hike in a laser. But, it can be hard to keep the boat flat because I am light for a laser sailor. I am working on gaining weight by eating more having lots of milk shakes. I have been also been learning 420s, they are a two handed boat similar to the boats they sail in high schools. I enjoy sailing with another person. It is fun to work as a team and be with someone on the boat. It has been great learning two new boats this fall.

Another thing happening in my life and that I am really excited about is my friend, Parker, and I have started to design a rc catamaran. So far, I have only drawn the hulls and the beams that connect them. Our goal for the project is to get the catamaran to hydrofoil. This week I am planning on building either the wing for the boat or a small model of the boat. An outcome for this week’s project, is to have a deeper understanding of some of the components of the big boat before we build it. For instance, I don’t know whether we are going to have a wing sail or a soft sail. Hopefully my building project this week will help me be able to figure that out. I am super excited about this project because I am combining rc models with components of some of the most amazing sailboats in the world – and I love building things. Stay tuned for pictures of my building progress and don’t forget to spread the news about the America’s cup.

Oracle’s AC72 has capsized

Hi Everybody,

As the title says, Oracle Team USA has flipped their new AC72. Thankfully, the reports say no one was injured but the wing was badly damaged. They flipped near where I was sailing last Sunday (SFYC) and floated all the way out past the Golden Gate Bridge. It looks like they have turtled and possible shattered their wing. I will be sending more updates out, stay tuned and fingers crossed for Oracle Team USA.

Here is a video,

Here are some pictures of the tragedy.

Photo from KTVU

Photo from America”s Cup Instagram

Photo from America”s Cup Instagram


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